The WTO Agreement is seen as the key to the growth of Canadian pork exports

Imported pork products from Canada are gaining praise from people for their high quality. During 2005, both volume and value reached record highs.


Indonesian East Java Bank prepares 500 billion rupiah to allocate loans to cattle breeding industry

Indonesia ’s East Java Bank ’s micro retail economic loan director Bartono told the media on the 19th that East Java Bank has a good future for the development of the East Java ’s cattle breeding industry, so it is preparing to allocate 500 billion rupiah.


Worldwatch Institute: Livestock and its by-products account for at least 51% of greenhouse gas emissions

A report entitled "Livestock and Climate Change" published by the World Watch Institute (WWI) in the most recent issue of World Watch (November / December) states that livestock and their by-products account for at least the greenhouse gas emissions 51% of total global emissions far exceed the previous FAO estimate of 18%.

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