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The WTO Agreement is seen as the key to the growth of Canadian pork exports

The WTO Agreement is seen as the key to the growth of Canadian pork exports

Imported pork products from Canada are gaining praise from people for their high quality. During 2005, both volume and value reached record highs.

Canadian pork products enjoy a unique market position in the market. It is known for its many important characteristics and is the deputy director of international Rabobank food and agricultural management research. Obviously, Canada has very strict regulations on animal health, welfare and environmental management, especially for high-end developed markets, and is beginning to make a lot of profits. We also know that Canadian pork exporters are good at producing the products consumers need. The quantity increased by 10%, and the value increased by 5%. During 2005, Canadian pork exports rose to 1.029 million metric tons, worth C $ 2.84 billion. Compared with the number and value in the same period in 2004, they increased by about 10% and 5%, respectively.

The President of the Canadian Pork Association said that Meigu is still the number one consumer of Canadian pork, but it has fallen by 10% compared to last year. Japan has increased by more than 30%, compared to 2004, increased to 265,000 metric tons. Australia is still our third largest market with a value of US $ 125 million, followed by South Korea, which has more than doubled its exports compared with last year. Now, South Korea ’s export volume has reached 60,000 metric tons, valued at 100 million US dollars, and now the value is even higher than Mexico, exceeding Mexico, which is really surprising. Then we found that the export volume of Hong Kong, China reached 53,000 metric tons, valued at US $ 65 million.

Seeking special products in special markets

Each market is unique, said the President of the Canadian Pork Association. He said the fact is that Canadian exporters need to export all animal products, so we need to focus on all markets. Some markets present a high-value sales environment, while others have lost trust, but we need to enter all markets.

He said that Japan needs relatively high-value spicy pork, but they also need frozen materials for processing. He observed that the advantage we have is that the quality of our products is relatively good, which is a positive sign of food safety, high-quality products, and according to our previous history, we are mainly export-oriented. He pointed out that many activities need to be promoted through the Consumer Price Index, as well as the various media available in the market to make consumers and customers realize that Canada should be the supplier of products.

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