How to raise cattle in winter?

Due to the cold weather in winter, the feeding and management of cattle should also be properly adjusted and paid more attention. We should not only do a good job in cold protection and warmth preservation, but also skillfully feed and manage. So, how to raise cattle in winter? Focus on six things:


Notice on the release of the third phase of veterinary drug sampling in 2010

According to the unified deployment of our ministry, the local organizations have completed the quality supervision sampling inspection plan for veterinary drugs (excluding veterinary biological products) in the second quarter of 2010, and now report the sampling inspection as follows:


Working group of the Ministry of Agriculture went to Hainan to guide disaster relief work

The Ministry of Agriculture once again deployed the Hainan heavy rain disaster response and post-disaster production recovery work. Minister Han Changfu requested that the agricultural department should take the prevention of heavy rainfall as the current urgent task on the basis of the existing work, further strengthen the emergency duty, strengthen the dispatch of the disaster situation, pay close attention to the implementation of the measures, and do a good job in all aspects of agricultural disaster relief and efforts to reduce disasters. loss.


How to prevent poultry flu and Newcastle disease in winter 2010

In 2010, the weather is volatile, and after the abnormality of pig disease in August and September, it is necessary to take preventive measures against poultry influenza and Newcastle disease this winter. The following two disease prevention and treatment, I hope to help you reduce losses!


The 12th Five-Year Plan of Agricultural and Rural Economic Development Must Complete Four Tasks

Starting from the overall situation of economic and social development, the agricultural and rural economy in the "12th Five-Year Plan" period must fulfill four tasks: ensuring supply, promoting income growth, consolidating the foundation, and achieving sustainable development.


Rainfall and snow in many places in Xinjiang

Affected by the strong cold air, Baicheng County, Aksu Prefecture has experienced rain and snow for four consecutive days. The snow and freezing rain of more than 30 centimeters have affected the local transportation and electricity. Local people are organizing personnel to actively repair damaged facilities.

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