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KD1003 Biological Microscope


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KD1003 series microscope is improved on the basis of KD1002 series such as adding

anti-mould device and some decoration.

lt looks nice and much modern.

Viewing HeadMonocular Head Inclined at 45°,360° Rotatable

Sliding Binocular Head Inclined at 45°,360° Rotatable; Anti-mould

Compensation Free Binocular Head lnclined at 30°,360° Rotatable; Anti-mould

Trinocualr Head for PhotographyTrinocular Head for Video Camera (C Mount)

Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece WF10×、P16×

ObjectiveAchromatic Objective 4×、10×、40x ( s )、100×(S,Oil)

NosepieceQuadruple Nosepiece

7 inch screen

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