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Rainfall and snow in many places in Xinjiang

Rainfall and snow in many places in Xinjiang

Affected by the strong cold air, Baicheng County, Aksu Prefecture has experienced rain and snow for four consecutive days. The snow and freezing rain of more than 30 centimeters have affected the local transportation and electricity. Local people are organizing personnel to actively repair damaged facilities.

Reporter Zeng Bo: "Now we are in the 349 line of Baicheng County connecting Laohutai Township. After a few days of continuous snowfall, it basically reached about 30 cm of snow, which brought us traffic. Greater impact. "

Due to the sudden drop in temperature, the leaves formed ice icicles, and many branches were cut off and some of the branches were pressed on the wires, causing electricity in the townships and villages such as Heiyingshan Township, Laohutai Township, Tielik Town and Breeding Farm on October 23. An interruption occurred early in the morning. The local power supply department sent 130 people overnight to form 6 emergency repair teams to repair in the snow. At present, except for some village groups that are expected to rush through the circuit around 16:00 on October 24, the rest of the village groups with interrupted power have resumed power supply on the afternoon of October 23.

At the Mesbulak Ranch in Heiyingshan Township, the northernmost part of Baicheng County, due to the snow thickness reaching 70 cm, 4 sheep were trapped. The local immediately organized personnel to rescue. As of the evening of October 23, more than 2,000 The sheep were transferred to a safe zone, and the remaining more than 700 sheep will also be transferred safely at noon on October 24.

Because the Baicheng County government organized the masses to strengthen the livestock shed, prepare sufficient forage and coal for heating, this weather process did not have a big impact on the local livestock production and life. The snowfall continued in the Yili River Valley on the evening of October 21, and some road sections were frozen. Traffic on Guoguogou National Highway 312 was affected to a certain extent. Reporter Qin Lei: "I am now on the Guozigou section of National Highway 312. Due to continuous sleet weather, the road surface is wet and icy. To ensure safety, the traffic police department has implemented traffic control on this section. There are already long queues, and the traffic police and highway departments are also going all out to guide traffic. "

It is understood that the snow depth of some sections of Guozigou reaches 5 cm, and the road sections in the trench are all icy and snowy roads, and the traffic conditions are poor. Mr. Yu Yunsheng, who came to Yili from Liaoning to pull goods, experienced snow for the first time in the section of Guoguogou. He was helpless after being blocked at the entrance of Guoguogou for more than ten hours.

In order to avoid traffic jams, the Huocheng County Traffic Police Brigade of Yili Prefecture dispatched nearly 20 policemen from three squadrons. From 9:30 pm on the 21st, temporary traffic control was implemented at Guoguokou. Vehicles traveling from Yili to Urumqi were restricted. Peng Jiang, head of the traffic police brigade, deputy director of the Huocheng County Public Security Bureau of Yili Prefecture: "Because many vehicles are not equipped with snow chains, it has caused traffic jams. For this reason, we Huocheng County Traffic Police Brigade and Yili Prefecture Traffic Police Detachment Guozigou Highway Brigade Formed a joint service with the Bole State Traffic Police Detachment and increased the police force. Since yesterday (October 21) evening, it has been continuously guiding this vehicle to ensure the passage of these vehicles. "

The Yili State Traffic Police Department also spread anti-skid sand on some roads that are prone to danger. For the masters who did not prepare the anti-skid chain, they contacted the anti-skid chain dealer to let them deliver the anti-skid chain to the driver of the traffic jammed vehicle in the shortest time. In hand. Peng Jiang, head of the traffic police brigade, deputy director of the Huocheng County Public Security Bureau in Yili Prefecture: "So far, vehicles driving from Bole to Yining have been able to pass slowly, and vehicles from Yining to Urumqi are expected After noon today (October 23), this small car, bicycle and passenger vehicle can be started to pass, but these large semi-trailers and trailers have to be further spread according to the weather and the situation of our road maintenance department anti-skid sand , According to these circumstances, let them pass if conditions permit. "

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