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The 12th Five-Year Plan of Agricultural and Rural Economic Development Must Complete Four Tasks

The 12th Five-Year Plan of Agricultural and Rural Economic Development Must Complete Four Tasks

Starting from the overall situation of economic and social development, the agricultural and rural economy in the "12th Five-Year Plan" period must fulfill four tasks: ensuring supply, promoting income growth, consolidating the foundation, and achieving sustainable development.

Han Changfu said at the meeting of the director of the National Agriculture Department held in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” should ensure the stable development of grain and other major agricultural products, the grain planting area is stable at more than 1.6 billion mu, and the output is stable at more than 1.06 billion catties; farmers per capita The annual net income has increased by more than 6% annually, and the overall well-off process has been smoothly promoted; vigorously strengthen the construction of farmland water conservancy and other infrastructure and agricultural technology and equipment capacity, and steadily improve agricultural production capacity; further improve agriculture and rural ecological environment, and vigorously focus on grassland protection and construction To strengthen the ecological security function of agriculture.

To this end, Han Changfu proposed to strengthen policy support, and gradually form an agricultural subsidy policy framework with clear objectives, direct benefits, diverse types, and simple operations; improve policies such as the minimum purchase price of agricultural products and the national temporary purchase and storage, improve the agricultural product market regulation system, and maintain agricultural products. Reasonable price.

At the same time, accelerate scientific and technological progress, focusing on strengthening independent innovation in agricultural science and technology, cultivating high-quality, high-yield and safe new crop varieties and healthy and special animal new varieties, developing safe and efficient veterinary medicine and rapid and accurate animal disease diagnosis technology; reform and Improve the agricultural science and technology extension system; strengthen the construction of agricultural and rural personnel.

Increase investment, the focus is to promote the national capital construction investment structure adjustment, promote the country's newly added capital construction investment mainly for agricultural infrastructure construction, establish a stable growth mechanism for agricultural investment; scientifically plan a batch of major agricultural engineering projects, build a batch of Fundamental and long-term major projects will effectively strengthen the protection and construction of arable land, grasslands and water beaches; effectively strengthen the construction of supporting and supporting capacity for agricultural machinery, facilities and equipment, animal epidemic prevention, and fishery and fishing ports.

Deepening rural reforms, the focus is on continuously innovating the agricultural management system and mechanism on the basis of stabilizing and improving the basic rural management system, promoting agricultural industrialization and professional cooperation of farmers; coordinating the integration of urban and rural economic and social development, establishing and improving agriculture to promote agriculture, and urbanization of rural areas Long-term mechanism to promote the coordinated development of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization; continue to deepen the reform of management systems such as veterinary medicine and agricultural reclamation; and constantly improve agricultural and rural public services.

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