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How to prevent poultry flu and Newcastle disease in winter 2010

How to prevent poultry flu and Newcastle disease in winter 2010

In 2010, the weather is volatile, and after the abnormality of pig disease in August and September, it is necessary to take preventive measures against poultry influenza and Newcastle disease this winter. The following two disease prevention and treatment, I hope to help you reduce losses!

1. Avian influenza Winter is the season of high incidence of avian influenza. Among them, highly pathogenic avian influenza has a rapid incidence and spread, a large epidemic range, and a high mortality rate. The disease can invade various system organs of the body.

Symptoms: The affected chickens have high fever, loss of appetite, extreme depression, dullness, closed eyes and lethargy, no response to external stimuli; egg production drops or stops sharply, head and neck edema; breathing is difficult, swallowing and shaking , Mouth mucus, hoarse voice; pulling yellow-white, yellow-green thin dung. A few hours after the onset of death, the mortality rate can be 100% greater.

Prevention: Immunization is one of the effective measures to prevent this disease. The usual feeding management is also very important, especially the winter insulation and ventilation should be reasonable. In the evening, the doors and windows must be closed and the night insulation work must be done. When the temperature is high during the daytime, ventilate in time to avoid the harmful gas stimulation of the chicken house and induce respiratory diseases. At present, there is no good treatment for the disease, and it is found that only through the usual strengthening of feeding management, strict implementation of immunization. For the chickens with the existing disease, you can use the refined yolk antibody freeze-dried powder type III intramuscular injection of Hong Kong Xinya International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for only one injection.

2. Newcastle disease of chickens The morbidity and mortality of this disease are very high, and the disease can occur throughout the year, but it occurs frequently in winter and spring, especially before and after the Spring Festival.

Symptoms: The main symptoms of the diseased chickens are difficulty breathing and open mouth breathing. There are a lot of acid and smelly liquids flowing out of the mouth of the sick chicken. When it is quiet, the chickens can hear a clear "snoring" sound; common diarrhea, thin stool, yellowish green or Yellowish white; neurological symptoms can be seen, and some sick chickens have various twisted postures on their heads and necks, crooked heads and necks, soft feet, circling, etc .; laying hens show a sharp drop in egg production, egg shells fade, and the number of soft egg shells is more than before the onset Significantly increased.

Prevention: At present, the disease mainly adopts preventive measures, and its vaccine is relatively mature, and the protection effect is more obvious. Secondly, it strengthens feeding management, pays attention to heat preservation and ventilation, and has a certain control effect on the occurrence of the disease. For the affected chickens, Hong Kong New Asia International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. can refining yolk antibody freeze-dried powder type II.

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