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Flame Disinfecting Machine



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Flame Disinfecting Machine




When the temperature of environment gets up to 70 ℃ or above it, most of virus will be sterilized, such as bird-flu, disease of foot and mouth, etc. TS-35A(H) atomizes the mixture of air and oil, and then light up the mixture near the end of spout of the spraying tube, it producing a blaze with its length about a meter. The high temperature of the blaze will kill the virus of lieu where murrain had taken place.

1.It could spraying oil fog or blaze.

2.Producing very small droplets, the penetration and clinging of the fog is well.

3.The length of blaze is up to 1 m, high temperature.

4.The solution valve has the function of release the residual solution, pressure of the solution tank, and also the fuel tank, to assure it is safe to operator.

5.Excellent conformation, ease of operation and transportation.

6.Adopting special stainless steel to making the main frame of the unit, to assure the excellent working performance and good quality of the unit.

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