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Portable Veterinary Digital B-mode


B-type ultrasound diagnostic instrument

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Portable Veterinary Digital B-mode




Scanning Mode: mechanical sector scan

Scanning Depth: 192mm

Monitor Size: 5.6inch TFT-LCD

Display Mode: B,B+B,B+M,M

Gray Scale: 256 levels

Image Magnification: X1.0,X1.2,X1.5,X2.0

M-Mode speed: 2s,4s,6s,8s selectable

Porbe Frequency: 2.5MHz,3.5MHz,5.0MHz selectable

Functions: distance,circumference,area,heart rate,gestation measurement

Note: ID,age,gender

Color:four kinds of pseudo-color display

Video Out:connect external video display and video printer

Battery Capacity:2200mAh

Consumption: 25W

Weight: ≤1kg(probe excluded)


Suitable for diagnosing the abdominal disease of animals

Suitable for measuring the gestation of swine,equine,bovine,sheep,cat,dog and other animals


Standard: HD9200A main unir

          3.5MHz mechanical sector scan waterproof probe

          li-ion battery


          AC adapter

          medical metal suitcase

Optional:2.5/5.0MHz mechanical sector scan probe protable

         image display memory terminal printer

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